The health problems that result from being inactive have already severely harmed much of the developed world. Inactivity has come to be seen as one of the biggest public health problems of the 21st century.


The Unique Role of Gyms, Studios, & Fitness Centers

As a gym, studio, or fitness center owner or manager, your role within the larger context of the community is pivotal. All the employees, professionals, and business owners from the surrounding areas likely frequent your establishment for their health and wellness needs. Are you communicating to them effectively? Are you engaging them in a timely manner? Are you facilitating their success holistically?

A Historical Note: The Near East (4000-250 BC)

Recognizing the importance of physical performance in the battle field, early leaders within the civilizations of Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt, Palestine, Persia and Syria encouraged fitness among their peoples. Perhaps the best example of a civilization using fitness for political and military purposes was the Persian Empire, which implemented mandatory rigid training programs to expand its domain. As this empire became more affluent, physical activity became less important. At the point the Persian Empire finally collapsed, its society could largely be characterized by an overall lack of fitness.  (

How to Transform Your Fitness Empire

This is a historical lesson fitness business owners must actively seek to reverse! Are you prepared to reverse this trend? We provide you the organizational tools, perspective, and strategies to position yourself to grow, starting with the vision of your company, all the way to the daily activities of your employees.

You are the ambassador of wellness and the fountain of youth

Rather than view your fitness business as an isolated endeavor, it is important you create the right relationships in and around the surrounding community to increase your business, referrals, and growth.

Another Important Lesson From History

"It is also timely to remember that history has shown that, as societies become too enamored with wealth, prosperity and self-entertainment, fitness levels tend to decline. Historically, physical fitness levels have also decreased as technology has advanced." - IdeaFIT

How can you as a gym owner, studio owner, or fitness center manager or owner benefit?

By framing your offerings in a manner that puts the member experience into that of an EPIC feeling, you can transform your membership attendance, and increase it exponentially. Are your members working out or "Changing The Course of History," Theme oriented fitness, has a far greater impact, when members can connect to the story of WHY they are getting fit, what it means in their lives, and what it can mean in the lives they touch. Use technology to engage your members, educate them, entertain them, use cultural context to frame their experience, communicate your brand and value authentically.