Fitness Professionals, Independent Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, & Group Instructors

Fitness Is Your Passion, Don't Let It Enslave You!

Many of us in the fitness industry, have taken on the role of independent fitness professionals to live a higher quality of life with more free time, thereby helping more people become healthy, well, and fit! Unfortunately, very few independent fitness professionals are able to maintain the consistency and success necessary to sustain a long term profitable business, and end up creating another job for themselves.

What is the Problem? Time!

First and foremost, in developing the education necessary to become a certified fitness professional you have invested a significant amount of time in your training. Once you begin taking on clients hourly, in group sessions, and or bootcamps, you begin trading your time for dollars. The biggest challenge most independent fitness professionals face is that you have not charted a long-term sustainable course for your business that gives you the structure you need, as well as systems to scale your business. In other words, it's just YOU! There is only one of YOU! We help fitness professionals make crucial decisions. Either you drastically increase the status of your clientele, or create and scale a solid business.


What does fitness independence and freedom look like?

In today's landscape we have charted the course for you, from everything, such as business structure and scheduling systems, to marketing & sales, to programs and nutrition. We work with allied partners in bring you a suite of products and services that help you master your fitness business and dominate your market. A business is a creation that you can direct. However, if you do not harness, and direct your business as a one person army, the market will consume you.

Structure of Our Consulting For Independent Fitness Professionals

We have frameworks to help you form and shape the most important aspects of your business, administration, marketing & sales, PR and media exposure, practical technology implementation, and sales formulas. We also help you build world-class training programs, automate and leverage your time, as well as retain clients. We point you to the best resources to gain market share fast. We are always on the cutting edge of fitness trends and help you stay ahead of the pack.