The R.O.O.L.S. Of Success (Results Oriented Operating Language)

THE R.O.O.L.S. Of Success!

To be DRIVEN & Happy, gain Achievement and Fulfillment, You Must define what you are doing in a RESULTS ORIENTED OPERATING LANGUAGE SEQUENCE


Tired of making excuses? Tired of your team making excuses: “I was too tired.” “I didn’t have time.” “I ran out of money.” “I tried….”

Most people simply don’t define outcomes in results oriented language. Remember something happens even if it’s nothing tangible. Progress gets made. Connections are made. People bond.

You may not hit every target every single time. Build your results into progress with R.O.O.L.S. Results Oriented Operating Language so you and your team have absolute clarity!

SIGNIFICANCE (Masculine Tendency YANG): Master, Succeed, Achieve, Qualify, Graduate, Fulfill

LOVE (Feminine Tendency Yin): Attract, Connect, Increase Intimacy, Influence, Bond, Befriend, Synergize, Ally, Enroll
CERTAINTY (Masculine tendency-YANG): Decide, Finish, Complete, Earn, Secure, Procure, Acquire, Defend, Obtain
UNCERTAINTY/VARIETY/SPONTANEITY (Feminine Tendency Yin): Gain competence, discover, explore, realize, accept, Allow, open, incorporate

GROWTH (Fulfillment oriented Masculine Yang)
Manifest, Create, Target, Confront, Conquer, Win A Battle/Struggle/Competition, Challenge, Change, Produce, Make Progress, Get Results In.. etc.

CONTRIBUTION (Fulfillment oriented Feminine Yin):
Enlighten, Enrich, Benefit, Establish, Cure, Heal, Service, Sell, Make a difference, impact