Mobile And Web Applications

We offer you clear solutions to help you develop both web based and native apps...and even determine if apps are appropriate as a marketing solution or revenue source for your organization.


Apps Continue To Dominate The Mobile Web: A recent study conducted by Flurry Analytics showed that apps currently command 86% of the time that the average US mobile consumer spends on their smartphone.   Smartphone users spend an average 2 hours and 42 minutes on mobile devices with app usage accounting for 2 hours and 19 minutes of this time.   The stats show that apps are dominating users’ time spent on devices, with mobile web browsing lagging in comparison. -

Apps Are Not Normal Business: Just over six years after its launch, the App Store is home to over 1.2 million applications.  "Gartner projects that by 2018, less than 0.01% of consumer mobile apps will be considered financial successes by their own developers" -

App Market Globalization: What we are likely to see in 2014 is an expanding palette of cross-border experimentation: West/Japan marketing partnerships, Western games localized in Japan, Japanese games tweaked for Western markets, Western franchises repurposed by Japanese vendors for global markets, etc. -

What does this all mean for you?

For one it means that you cannot escape the impact of apps on your business. However, the more important questions is "HOW do apps impact your business?" Is it a native app customers use? Is it your own app which markets your products or services? Is it your own use of an app to quantitatively and qualitatively improve your business? We help you answer these very important questions, and simultaneously help you assess the relevance and weight of apps in your business. Should we both conclude from the outcomes you seek that apps are essential, we work with an extensive network of highly professional App Developers to help bring your App to reality.

APP Planning & Wire Framing

  • 1

    Know Your Purpose, Target Audience, & Market

  • 2

    Sketch User Interface Designs (WireFraming)

  • 3

    Complete a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

  • 4

    Every Idea Means Something Until It Doesn't (Don't Throw Away Sketches)

  • 5

    Get As Detailed as you can to convey your ideas to developers

Mobile App Development Phases:

The Discovery Phase

Market Research, Requirements analysis, System definition, Prototyping

The Design Phase

System Design, Database design, Business process integration design

The Development & Testing Phase

Development system, Business process integration, user acceptance testing, system and performance testing, Implementation/deployment

Maintenance & Updates Phase

Ongoing system maintenance, extend and enhance functionality

Your Driving Force: Understanding and Appreciating Your World, Your Vision, Mission, and Strategic Objectives The goal of understanding and appreciating your world is to get to know you and your enterprise. We will develop a solid needs analysis, market strategies, and challenges that you are working to overcome. At the end of these sessions we will define S.M.A.R.T. goals and requirements to make your project successful.


User Interface, Wire-framing, & Storyboarding This is the core planning session of the project: we will address time-frames, layout decisions and user interactions. We will identify the experience consumers will have with your product through storyboards and visual representations of key features. These sessions will break down the entire project, making sure you have a good idea of what the end-result will look like.


Prototype & Testing Developers will quickly create a prototype with key functional features of your product, allowing you to have the first-hand experience with what they are working on. Testing will identify intuitive layout designs and best product features. After split testing each prototype, you will be provided with useful metrics and insights, indicating everything is on the right track.


Implementation Leveraging the information from the initial sessions, we will work with developers to prioritize project features, and begin work in short delivery cycles.


Detailing Phase Details take the product from good to great. During this phase, we will add finishing touches making sure you’re happy with the product.


Delivery & Support We will work with developers to make sure they turn in all the deliverables and continue to work with you to make the transition to our product as smooth as possible. We will provide the necessary tools, knowledge and support guaranteeing your success.