Direct Response Marketing

Direct marketing messages emphasize a focus on the customer, data, and accountability.

We design landing pages, write sales copy, scripted messaging, & full direct mail packages.

What Makes Direct Response More Effective?
It's... Timeless. Effective. Targeted. Increase.

Our direct response marketing consultation works on increasing high business performance, efficiency and profitability for high-ticket B2B companies. We work closely with businesses to develop innovative solutions designed to solve painful problems effectively while remaining easy and enjoyable to use.

We also offer direct response marketing services to select companies. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising but throw most of the money away because of their website. We create solutions based on proven strategies and tactics that help B2B companies generate more leads and sales from advertising you currently have in place.

With a strong background in direct response marketing and an ability to build creative solutions to problems, we aim to eliminate barriers that hold business back. We believe listening to the customer and having the ability to clearly identify where they encounter problems are the keys to building amazing products.

Our experience includes helping companies restructure technology needs and leading deployment of upgrades, as well as creating fresh and effective solutions for marketing software problems and improvements to existing technology.


  • 1

    The Database

    A database of names (prospects, customers, businesses, etc.), often with certain other relevant information.

  • 2

    The Message

    Marketing messages are addressed directly to this list of customers and/or prospects.

  • 3

    The Target Market

    Direct marketing relies on being able to address the members of a target market.

  • 4

    The Call To Action

    Direct marketing seeks to drive a specific “call to action.”

  • 5

    The Tracking

    Direct marketing emphasizes trackable, measurable responses, results, and costs from prospects and/or customers—regardless of medium.

Direct marketing is practiced by businesses of all sizes—from the smallest start-up to the leaders on the Fortune 500. A well-executed direct advertising campaign can prove a positive return on investment by showing how many potential customers responded to a clear call-to-action.

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