We consult globally, and our extensive network puts us at a unique advantage in helping you make the wisest and most profitable decisions in developing your enterprise, business, or organization.

North America

Our network is leveraged via a diverse collaborative of partners, professionals, and experts in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C, Miami,  & Dallas/Houston.

South America

Brazil is forecast to become the fifth-largest economy on the planet by 2050. As an emerging economy, Brazil faces structural challenges that are business opportunities in themselves. Brazil operates a very tactile business culture, based on personal contact and familiarity between investors and local partners. In this respect, long-distance communication can only take investors so far. At some point investors should plan on visiting Brazil to meet with qualified contacts, government support services, matchmaking, visit facilities, etc.


With our leveraged insiders, we help you understand African economies from a five –dimensional perspective: the subsistence level, entrepreneurial, Small and Mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), foreign multi-national corporations, and the governmental level. In addition we know that capital is allocated in business in four ways: individual entrepreneurs; kinship systems and voluntary associations; the marketplace; and lastly government.

Europe, Asia, & Australia

Keeping a close eye on all powerful economic centers, currency, and trade, we help you make smarter decisions about your business, your lifestyle, and your desired impact on the world.