Modern Adventures In Life Coaching

Explaining to someone that you are a life coach is a difficult task. The biggest reason is that people have their own associations and perceptions as to what a life coach is. If we consider ourselves to be life coaches, we must use the label to give what we do some value. However, as Bruce Lee said, “It’s like a finger pointing at the Moon, if you focus on the Finger you lose all the heavenly glory.”

One of the greatest challenges of a modern life coach is to coach or educate a person on what coaching is and is not. And part of that is untangling pre-conceived notions about life itself, false disempowering beliefs, behavioral patterns, and cognitive biases that lead to unwanted results in one’s personal and professional life.

  • Does that mean you help people rise to peak performance and make life changing game winning shots in Championships? Maybe.
  • Does that mean you help save people from devastation and depression? Maybe.
  • Does that mean you help people climb out of enormous debt and rise to wealth like Donald Trump? Maybe.

The modern life coach has to be a hybrid of a thought leader, an advisor, a strategist, a tactician, a practical psychologist, a motivator, a scientist, and an artist.

The modern life coach is not a therapist or a counselor, because our interest is in only referencing the past, but not digging up the past to attempt to explain the future, though we can exhibit some of the attributes that work well in those professions like listening, observing, and having empathy.

Our goal is simple: What do you want? Why do you want it? How are you going to get it?

The role of a Life Coach is to help you figure out how to identify these targets, but more importantly help you determine whether these are the RIGHT targets for your unique life journey all together.

For example, you may have decided on a particular career path to be a Multi-Billionaire. But if you think being a Multi-Billionaire is your only source of happiness and will be a Nirvana, we can help you anticipate this colossal let down, and learn to enjoy your life while rising to be a Multi-Billionaire.

Or your ultimate Aim may be to save the environment, and massively change the food industry to help people heal healthier lives, but you believe that protesting is the only activity that will work. A life coach might help you strategize new goals to build various new relationships or position yourself in a way that your influence has a broader and greater impact.

One of the reasons why I excel with life coaching is that I took the “path less traveled” myself and decided to make my career about learning rather than specialization. In other words, I don’t even label myself strictly as a life coach. I’ve spent much of the last 15 years learning how to use my brain more effectively. This has led me to being an author, a speaker, a poet, an emcee/rapper, an entrepreneur, a personal trainer, a life coach, a business consultant, a producer, and a philosopher.

These efforts have taken me across a number of cities, a number of job roles and functions, a variety of social circles, interesting relationships, and sparked creativity I didn’t know I had. At the end of the day, it all contributes me being able to serve others in a better way.

With the deluge of information that we have currently in the digital age, many people suffer because they have never harnessed the innate power of their own brain. Often people turn to external stimuli like Alcohol, Drugs, Food, or various other vices to change their feelings, emotional states, and moods.

From my observation, today’s modern life coach or consultant, has to be well versed in wellness, technology, education, empowerment, education, culture, and communication. This is why I developed the WTE3CC Model to assist individuals and organizations make better choices.

In the end, you can attempt to make your visions real all on your own, but if there is someone who has dedicated their life on helping you harness the ultimate power of your mind, body, and soul it might be wise to see if they can help you make a decision, solve a problem, or tackle a major life goal.

As a result, you might find a renewed belief in life coaching and how it’s almost essential nowadays to living a fulfilled and successful life.