We are the global leader in world-class strategic consulting and coaching; providing the most outstanding, innovative, and effective products and services for personal, professional, & business development.


We consult and coach enterprises, entrepreneurs, & leaders at the complex intersection of Wellness, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Culture, & Communication (W-TECC) TM. We help organizations strategically bring unique value to markets and profit in an increasingly uncertain digital, global, and performance based economies.


We build a track record of honorably helping improve our client’s condition, bringing integrity and excellence to the specific results and value our work generates. We are selective with our clientele, only working for organizations and people with a collaborative vision. Working nationally and internationally, we deliver value, in real time, remotely, and virtually. Our brand and presence in the market creates widespread knowledge of who we are in credibility, authority, and mastery of our unique solutions.


We are an international consulting firm focused on providing strategic consulting & coaching to companies, organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals worldwide. We specialize in providing strategies, frameworks, and tools to help emerging enterprises in the United States, Brazil, & Nigeria. We help guide innovative entrepreneurs to bring products to market. We also provide services to American investors, businesses, and organizations who want to explore the opportunities in the booming Brazilian market.


We provide Wiser Solutions for Modern Enterprises TM. Clients retain us because we combine unparalleled Experience with innovative Strategic Solutions to address critical digital age challenges, in all phases of personal, team, & business development and long-term outcomes.

We are the only global consulting firm with extensive knowledge and experience aggregating synergy in the sectors of Wellness, Technology, Education, Entertainment, Culture, & Communication (W-TECC) TM We leverage two decades of research and bridge field experience from Pre-21st Century business dynamics to the new business dynamics of the 21st Century. We have documented and categorically defined the nuances of the emerging relationships of these industries and how they impact modern businesses. We leverage this information to help organizations quickly implement time urgent strategies, tools, and applications that yield highly profitable results.

"What tends to do away with poverty is not the getting of pictures of poverty into your mind, but getting pictures of wealth into the minds of the poor."

- Wallace Wattles, The Science Of Getting Rich/A Ciencia Para Ficar Rico

Dear valued clients & prospective clients,

We serve organizations and people who want to grow, inspiring all parties involved to be, do, and have a higher quality of life. We teach individuals how to find genius within themselves endless reserves of health, love, awareness, wealth, prosperity, abundance and self-mastery.

We bring people together for peace and unity internationally via their willingness to grow, contribute, and connect with the world. We provide the greatest possible services in the greatest possible quantity worldwide for any individual seeking to learn personal development skills and increase the levels of power, joy, and love within themselves and maximize the output of productivity and performance they can give to themselves, their organizations, and the world.

Like all true harmonious principles, we site the focal point of love as the catalyst for progress in any area of life, a respect for words, emotion, enlightenment, self-education, entertainment, and empowerment. We manifest the principle that concentrated pure sober progressive thought, “incantations” (magical words spoken and written forth), and right action have the ability to create transformation in people no matter what the circumstances or seeming limitations are in a person’s life, allowing each individual to have a uniquely divine and meaningful existence.

Our growth comes from continually igniting this common love for thought, word, and action; especially in our congruent and intersecting internationally linked foundations in Education, Art, Communication, Wellness, Philanthropy, and Entrepreneurship.

Included within our consulting and coaching in the industries of Wellness, Technology, Edutainment, Culture, & Communication are a unique array of products and services including: Mobile Apps, tools and strategies for personal and professional development, multi-media content, publishing, financial & entrepreneurship education; online learning; peak performance and life coaching; webinars and seminars.

Our global presence contributes to large scale movements on all continents among generations young and old who are seeking financial education, literacy, and numeracy; peace, unity, and a higher quality of life. We connect globally on all 7 continents; in the United States, Europe, Africa, South America, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

We work daily to instill prosperity consciousness in all people, lessen the digital divide, and gaps of poor and rich, while promoting peaceful enlightenment . Our commitment and determination clearly hold the key to our faith that the human spirit is the greatest innovator to overcome all barriers that might prevent people from achieving increased civilization, human potential, and sustained lifelong freedom, happiness, joy, prosperity, liberty, and fulfillment.

AdeBayo A. Olorunto, Founder, Chairman/CEO

O.L.O.R.U.N. Consulting International
"Outstanding Leaders Of Rural Towns, Urban cities, & Nations"