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What Are You Willing To Do To Live Life On Your Terms?

Location Independent Lifestyle Design Is Both An Art & A Science. We have a full array of tools to deliver our coaching and consulting solutions no matter where you are in the world. In today's fast paced global economy, we don't have to lose communication because of distance or time zones. Lets design your personal, professional, and enterprise/organization you can live more LIFE!

  • SKYPE COACHING & CONSULTING SESSIONS: Coaching via Skype is easy, fun, interactive, and live Video Chat just like a face to face coaching session. We can complete a skype coaching session anywhere, any agreed upon time. Screencapture is also available for technical point and click. SKYPE: AAOlorun


  • WhatsApp allows us to transfer Text, Audio, Photos, Video at no cost (Great for practicing Language). Be sure to include (+) & your country code i.e. (+1, +33, +55) before your number in your phone. Our WhatsApp # is +1-386-237-7018


  • GMail is just a click away, if you have in depth questions you need answered, we provide full email support. Please allow 12-24 hours for response, feel free to send pre-call forms, documents, scans, pdfs, google docs, google calendar, anything related to our coaching or consulting session that will help you get results. Email:
  • You remember these right? Of course this one is only reserved for the President….and VIP Clients like you. And if things really get urgent I’ll charter a Jet in so we can meet in person… just make sure it’s URGENT AND IMPORTANT! +1-386-237-7018

1 Quick Start Coaching Session

The Art of Fulfillment

There is no one way to live. There are as many ways to be fulfilled as there are people. There are environments. There are lifestyles. Regardless of your biography or background, you can select the lifestyle that brings you a greater sense of fulfillment. We all want a total feeling of happiness and joy that is lasting.

When designing your life, it is important to take into account, the "greater treasures" of the mind, body, and spirit beyond the expectations of those around you or the society you have been conditioned by.

Our coaching in this area gives you chance to step into a new life, beyond who you "were" and into your ultimate vision and life purpose. By carefully helping create new empowering meanings out of your life and story, we can help you tap into the eternal parts of yourself that connect you to your own convictions and truth.

What is living, if you can live on your own terms, truly satisfied with who you are, what you do, and where you are going?

The Science of Achievement

Regardless of whether you are a CEO, Director of A Non-Profit, a Sales Manager, Coach, or Busy Mom, results are unquestionable. People around us want to see it with their own eyes. The Sales. The Success. The Numbers. The food on the table.

While we may be incredible happy or joyful about who we are, there is always room for progress. Progress leads us to more growth and contribution. Sometimes we lose sight of what progress means to us. Often growing up, many of us were given stars on our chart, nice grades, and ribbons for "Winning."

However, many of us didn't carefully examine the formula for winning itself. In the Science of Achievement, we coach you with exacting precision how to turn Outcomes, Visions, Expectations, Goals, Dreams, and Ideals into reality. Once you understand the Science of Achievement, you will never be possessed by fear, doubt, and worry that consumes you again. There is no obstacle to large, challenge to daunting, or mountain to high.

We will help you achieve and succeed your best, and at the same time empower you with the strategies to not only win the championship of your life, but BE the champion of your life forever!

"There are many spokes on the wheel of life. First, we're here to explore new possibilities."  - Ray Charles