Accelerated Learning For 21st Century Schools & Businesses

The word "Education" derives form the Ancient word "EDUCE": To bring out or develop (something latent or potential). Effective learning is about how to EDUCE a higher percentage of brain capacity for evaluating demands, decisions, information, intelligent action, and skill application. Many of today's leading organizations and educational institutions are benefiting from the power of accelerated learning. We have created advanced models for accelerated learning to help our clients become more effective learners and exponentially increase their effectiveness.

Digital Age Principles Of Accelerated Learning

What is Accelerated Learning

These techniques encompass using all of the intelligences and senses to learn much faster.  Using feelings, action, pictures, music and rhymes are some of the fundamental strategies used for accelerate learning.

We must learn how-to-learn. In school, we learn how to memorize, and be taught. Learning how to learn frees our dependency on others for knowledge. We must learn from failure and learn how to bounce back from failure. No one can succeed without failure. In the classroom, failure is a no-no.

Benefits of Accelerated Learning Techniques

  • Self-Confidence
  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Effective Communication
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Closing Sales
  • Productivity
  • More Time

Learning Frames Of Multiple Intelligence

  • 1

    Musical Intelligence

  • 2

    Natural Intelligence

  • 3

    Spiritual Intelligence

  • 4

    Existential Intelligence

  • 5

    Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence

  • 6

    Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

  • 7

    Spatial-Mechanical Intelligence

  • 8

    Interpersonal - Social Intelligence

  • 9

    Logical - Mathematical Intelligence

  • 10

    Intrapersonal (Self-Knowledge) Intelligence

The Three Fundamental Units Of Information:

Accelerated Memory/Encoding Is About How Well The Brain Can Learn and Retain Combinations Of Specific Chunks of Information.

Primary Human Internal Representation Systems

Accelerated Learning is simply the process of encoding information via your senses in quick methods which result in full retention and utilization.

"We must expect to fail...but fail in a learning posture, determined no to repeat the mistakes, and to maximize the benefits from what is learned in the process." - Ted W Engstrom

Applying the W-T (E3) CC Model To Accelerate Your Learning

W-T(E3)CC FRAMES: We Have Cleared The Pathways To Power

The W-T (E3) CC Model was developed with years of study and application, it was distilled from repeated patterns of helping thousands of clients in the wellness industry, sales forces, in the arts, and in coaching practice.

The reason these frames are affective is they do not separate a person's personal development from the realities of our world. The reality is people are heavily immersed in technology, social media, entertainment, arts, and culture.

If we are to create accelerated learning in the digital age, it must incorporate lanes of learning that take into account where people are and how they already spend their time. Your people deserve the best, and we have provided the avenues to ensure they receive the best.

Learning Accelerators: We Provide The Techniques and Tools

There are as many approaches to learning something as there are people. Different techniques can be used by different people.

Our consulting clientele benefit from our guidance in assessing personnel and clients, and helping select the correct techniques and tools that have the most overall impact.

Learning Accelerators are also developed over patterns of time, after certain individuals continually get the same results. Once we have established certain learning accelerators as keys to success, we ensure they are matched with the right situations. In other words, if music, or creative drawing isn't what's needed we don't include it. We custom tailor our approach to the learning styles of you and your people.