Spirituality & Faith

In Yoruba culture and Tradition OLORUN means "owner of the heavens" and is commonly associated with the Sun. The vital energy of Olorun manifests in humans as Ashé (Chi), which is the life force that runs through all living things. In our lives, we are all seeking a little more Chi or Light (in what seems to be at times a world of Darkness), ease of human suffering, happiness, peace, and prosperity. Many cultures & traditions have deteriorated to the growth of global commerce, losing some of the core foundations of lasting success and prosperity. With the O.L.O.R.U.N. Circle of Spiritual Wellness we provide guiding principles to help individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses Re-Awaken, long lost treasures of the Spirit & Soul. These principles are common denominators in every faith in the world, and we help you apply them naturally and effectively in today's global  & virtual communities.

“Desire backed by faith knows no such word as impossible.” - Napoleon Hill

The Application of Faith In Success & Prosperity

Integrity, Ethics, & Morality In A Global Landscape

As the world becomes more complex, we find it to be an expression of both the ultimate creation of our imagination and the ultimate destructive forces of our imagination as human beings. The problem, when it comes to issues of a more spiritual nature, is that many simply place more faith in things seen, than in the unseen forces which have created our Earth.

What will be the ultimate price? More and more people are awakening to the fact that peace and prosperity are our birthright, and that as human beings it is important operate organizations, businesses, and government organizations from a basic moral order.

Religion and politics have become so complex, and many sides have been taken throughout the course of humanity. Our aim with The OLORUN Circle of Spiritual Wellness, is to offer a few practices that are all common denominators of the world's faith's so as to preserve Faith and ease human suffering, without being deluded by confusing dogma.

Transitioning from  Competitive (Scarcity) to Creative (Abundant) Mindsets

Our Universe and world are both abundant resources. We have more than we could possibly imagine to utilize on earth as human beings, however many have decided that "Enough is not Enough" and they should have "More" than the other.

This is to not disregard the natural selection of "Survival of The Fittest" or to not reward effort and willpower. It is more of an awareness, that if we do happen to want more, we can do it by adding value and solving complex problems that help people rather than harm them. Some might call infusing spirituality with business practices Conscious Capitalism. Regardless of what it is called, it makes sense.

One example of this is through ideas and concepts shared, that remind people, to behave in an abundance frame of mind, rather than a scarcity frame of mind more often than not. This results in a higher quality of life, and more spiritually whole existence.