Diversity & Teamwork

The largest companies in the world like Coca-Cola take culture and ongoing diversity training very seriously: “Ongoing diversity training is critical to the advancement of our ongoing journey... diversity training helps drive employee engagement, create a work environment that visibly values and leverages diversity and accelerates productivity.”     - Coca Cola

Why being attentive to Diversity is so important in a global economy?

Companies, organizations, universities, and civic institutions all know that in order to get ahead in today’s economy, you must possess a fairly sophisticated amount of cultural awareness.

With the rapid growth of technology, we know, feel, and see the world getting smaller.

We are in a global economy, yet as many different cultures cross paths and get closer, our cultural differences can create many challenges for us and can even become a problem when learning, communicating, relating, or doing business.

If you are not including the correct diversity training in your organization, you could run into tremendous problems as our fast pace global economy continues to undergo cataclysmic change.

Our Solution Based Approach:

Our solution based approach helps to culture and diversity helps to:

  • minimize conflict
  • eliminating workplace bullying
  • reducing harassment

We achieve these objectives utilizing training with the Robbins Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. Our knowledge of 6 human needs psychology, cognitive behavior therapy, and cultural values, beliefs, rules, codes, and attitudes quickly helps me identify problem areas and bring conflict resolution to any situation.

We also have engaging and entertaining presentations to help managers and employees break through self-limiting beliefs and stereotypes that interfere with productive work.