Arts & Creativity

Tap Into the Unlimited Reserves of Creative Energy Every Human Being Is Born To Express

"The future belongs to a different kind of person with a different kind of mind: artists, inventors, storytellers - creative, and holistic 'right brain' thinkers."

- Daniel H. Pink, Author of A Whole New Mind

Why Art & Creativity Is Important For Virtually Everything You Are Doing

The Left-Brain Analytical and The Right Brain Creative

Artists and business leaders are one in the same. Both require developing a guiding vision, a potent point of view, formulating an ideal, navigating chaos, and the unknown, and finally producing a new creation.

Arts and Creativity based activities include drawing, painting, storytelling, theater improvisation, photography and poetry.

Art-based activities can be used strategically to create a welcome environment of safety, build trust, find shared values, shift perceptions. Mine group innate talent and gifts, extract meaningful creativity, and generate breakthrough ideas — by combining right-brain imagination with left-brain logic and analysis.


How do we implement more creativity in Your Organization?

The reality is not everyone has invested much time, developing their creative gifts. Not all creativity is only meant to end at it's face value. For example, writing a poem, may not be used directly in your business, but the process of having the creative skill, could prove invaluable at a key moment when the right phrase is needed in a sales presentation for a multi-million dollar deal.

Likewise, having a life philosophy, with deeper meanings aside from analytics alone, empowers students, and workers alike to develop a deeper understanding of "what events mean" and how to shape the meaning of events in their lives. This leads to higher personal effectiveness, and greater productivity.

We utilize a thorough needs analysis approach to identify where the "bottlenecks" of creativity are, and help you implement more creativity in your organization in a systematic process.