The R.O.O.L.S. Of Success (Results Oriented Operating Language)


THE R.O.O.L.S. Of Success! To be DRIVEN & Happy, gain Achievement and Fulfillment, You Must define what you are doing in a RESULTS ORIENTED OPERATING LANGUAGE SEQUENCE RESULTS ORIENTED WORDS TO MEET NEEDS (BE FULFILLED) While ACHIEVING Tired of making excuses? Tired of your team making excuses: “I was too tired.” “I didn’t have time.” “I ran…

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10 Fatal Website Mistakes Which Cause Your Business To Lose Revenue


Some of the best sports coaches in the world preach about winning by avoiding mistakes and turnovers. Sometimes as human beings, if we can just avoid screwing up, we win. If your business was a sport, your website would be one of your fundamental moves. Think of your website like free throws, catching ground balls,…

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Back To The Future: Time Management For The Digital Age


Since today is Oct 22, 2015, the Anniversary of Marty McFly’s trip in Back to the future. Let’s explore…time. How do we manage our time in the digital age now that Oct 22, 2015 has finally passed us? Here is a list of what many people likely have “on their plate” in 2015…  –  multiple…

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Modern Adventures In Life Coaching


Explaining to someone that you are a life coach is a difficult task. The biggest reason is that people have their own associations and perceptions as to what a life coach is. If we consider ourselves to be life coaches, we must use the label to give what we do some value. However, as Bruce…

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Dog Eat Dog: Creative vs. Competitive Capitalism


Our lives are reflective of what we focus on. Do we really believe our lives in capitalism to be a “Dog Eat Dog” scramble to the top? What does that idiom really mean? Ironically, dog fighting has been popular in many countries throughout history and continues to be practiced both legally and illegally around the…

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10 Reasons You Should Be Using WhatsApp To Learn A Foreign Language Faster


Often nowadays we take apps for granted, after all there are millions of them. Sometimes we fail to realize how powerful one simple App can be in our personal development, simply by it’s functionality.  WhatsApp is one of those Apps. After having it on my phone after some time, I decided I needed to pick…

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