Back To The Future: Time Management For The Digital Age

Since today is Oct 22, 2015, the Anniversary of Marty McFly’s trip in Back to the future. Let’s explore…time. How do we manage our time in the digital age now that Oct 22, 2015 has finally passed us?

Here is a list of what many people likely have “on their plate” in 2015…

 –  multiple email accounts with many various passwords and usernames to remember.
 –  multiple social media accounts with 200+ more ‘friends/contacts’ on each (instagram, fbook, twitter).
 –  multiple contacts in our cellphone 200 +
 –  multiple family members living in different cities, states, and countries
 –  multiple passions, interests, goals, dreams, visions, and desires.
 –  multiple friend or family illnesses challenges, problems, setbacks, difficulties, and financial woes
 –  multiple apps with multiple global contacts on EACH app,
 –  multiple jobs, income opportunities, and income streams (i.e. Personal Trainer, slash Uber driver, slash Personal Chef, slash FireFighter, slash Paralegal, slash Network Marketer, Life coach etc.)
 –  multiple children at various ages with differing needs, schools, and activities.
 –  multiple apartments, condos, homes, zip codes, regions and countries to travel to
 –  multiple websites, for multiple different marketing processes
 –  multiple calls, messages, texts, emails, and emails to respond to everyday.
 –  multiple phones or computers to manage for business vs. personal  use.
 –  multiple books to read, blog articles, that could be important information for advancing your career
 –  multiple clients, associates, coworkers, and individuals from our growing networks.
 – multiple rolling devices (in Miami/L.A.) longboards, unicycle scooters, sorry no Hoverboards yet.

As a result, many people are simply overwhelmed. Sadly, most of the time, Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter usually becomes a default escape from the overwhelm… and people just glaze over, and spend their days staring, wanting, wishing, at their status feed hoping for a better existence.

There is a better way to live! Here is the problem:

There are still only 24 hours in a day. 7 Days in a Week. Only 4000-5000 weeks in a lifetime (depending on how healthy and fit you are). That would be 80-100 years of living. Maybe by the time this article reaches you, there will be life extension where people are cloned and live forever traveling to far off galaxies like Star Trek… Until then… We have to do something to manage our time better.

I grew up with divorced parents in multiple households. My life has multiplied in different ways ever since, from the number of family members to keep in contact with, to the number of ambitions I have about what I want to accomplish in life. I’m sure many of you can relate.

Throughout my life, I was left with a time management “Scar” a Scar-City” “scarcity” belief about time: “There simply isn’t enough.” So you have to divide time with your parents, summers with mom, or summers with dad. So I’ve always been obsessed with “time”. Particularly how to do more with it in less amounts of it.

Early on, when I was the tender age of 19 years old, I was frustrated with my failures in college, and I was looking to manage my study time better.

I did what any deranged 19 year old would do. I went to the library. What a concept? I was always a reader, so I always found solutions to problems in books. Books have always eased suffering for me.

When I was looking for books on time management back then. There were only a few basic no named ones, then the big best sellers, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, I think Getting Things Done by David Allen…. and then I stumbled across: Awaken The Giant Within by Tony Robbins.

Life was forever changed. Tony Robbins had only one section in that book about time management, but I was immediately drawn to the entire book. Wow! People actually live balanced harmonious lives!? It was totally new and foreign concept to me. I grew up thinking that you always had to give up something good to get something else good in life. Awaken the Giant Within opened my mind to the idea that I could …”Have it All.” Total Abundance. (Spirituality, Wellness, Family, Friends, Finances, Relationship, Career, Emotional Vibrancy) etc.

Slowly but surely, I set new goals in every area, and always have since that age. But there got to a point when you realize to be better in each area, you have to learn about each area, and thus books, papers, and projects were scattered in my room in one big massive pile, something hit me….Let me see how the great Anthony Robbins manages his 9 companies.

So at 21 years old in 2001, I embarked on learning Anthony Robbins RPM System and his Time of Your Life Program. I was amazed! Finally I realized that it IS possible to literally CREATE and DESIGN a life of your own to be proud of.

I went out and did just that. Much of what you see here with OLORUN Consulting International is a product of that seed that was planted.

Now, here we are in 2015, with all those “multiple” demands I listed earlier. Some simply will not take on the above overwhelm and SLAY IT! Some will be SLAYED BY IT! No matter what, to live a life of achievement and fulfillment you eventually have to SLAY THE DRAGON of being master of your time!

Oddly, back then when I used Tony’s RPM Planner it was very easy. There were no iPhones back then. The cellphone was a separate distinct object from your camera, music, and computer.

Then Steve Jobs got on his grind (as well as Zuckerberg and all the other Techno-billionaires) and in 2005-2007 changed our lives forever. iPod. iPhone. iPad. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Game changers as far as how we spend our time.

So now in 2015, I think we are at a specific cross roads when it comes to time management. The gap between wealthy and poor is an ever-growing chasm like a canyon we must either cross or be left behind. And the wealthy, manage all of the above “multiples” gracefully.

At times as an entrepreneur, I’ve been faced with rock bottom economic challenges, and I’ve climbed up from Negative or Zero every single time because of my psychology.

Part of the challenge with our world these days is that we are pulled in so many directions, that we are spread too thin, so we are told by the “old school” to specialize in ONE thing…. UNLESS we intentionally pull ourselves away from it… But that’s like saying A Tree should only have ONE Branch. Or a company should only have one product or service. I’m not saying have multiples of everything, but if you CAN manage it, grow it!

Books like The 4 Hour Work Week, gave us the idea that we can outsource, automate, and delegate and begin controlling our time again. However, it only very lightly accounted for how to execute this da to day.

What I’ve realized in this process is that we have to use our time managing hardware tools better. Do you carry around a paper planner binder with your ipad/Laptop/iphone. Do you just carry around your iPhone by itself? Do you just use your iPad? Do you not have any of these and only use the Weekly planner? These are all Quality Control decisions that could DRASTICALLY affect the QUALITY of your life and productivity.

In my 16 years of experience, pushing, pulling, manifesting, creating, and evoking time management mastery, I think I have a bit of wisdom in the area to share, and here are 3 of the most powerful solutions I can share with you about how to get this Time area under control in your life once and for all. Keep in mind, these are NOT immediate fixes, these are processes you draw, design, implement, apply, and PRACTICE for years to come.

#1) PLAY STRONG OFFENSE: CREATE A PLAN FOR GIVING THE WORLD YOUR TIME. Learn Tony Robbins RPM Philosophy and Life Management System. This without a doubt is the best Life Design creation system ever harnessed in mankind. The reason why I say this is because it’s designed from a manifesting perspective. You CREATE a vision. You TAP INTO A WHY a mission, you take MASSIVE ACTION on how to get shit done! These principles will never change for time management. In fact one of the goals of your time is to do what you want to do with it right? But how can you do that if you don’t define what you want? That’s where RPM leaves other time management systems in the dust. I’ve been using it for 16 years and have built every skill, opportunity, and outcome I have from it.

#2) PLAY STRONG DEFENSE: CREATE BUCKETS FOR RECEIVING TIME BACK FROM THE WORLD. Learn David Allen’s Getting Things Done. David Allen is the master of incoming time management warfare. He will help you organize and deal with the deluge of information, problems, people, challenges, and obstacles you will face when you step out your door everyday, and face the world. You can have a strong offense and game plan with Tony’s system, but if you aren’t careful, when you blaze forward with all the activity in pursuing your magnificent obsession you will hit a wall when all these people start calling you back with demands! Getting things done will help you handle the inflow of emails, calls, voice mails, meetings, demands from team members, “Got a minute” meetings by your staff, and urgent but unimportant “crises” etc.

#3) EXECUTE A FLAWLESS GAME ON THE FIELD: GIVE AND RECEIVE TIME AS YOU MOVE THROUGHOUT YOUR DAY UTILIZING THE TOOLS OF TIME: Learn “The Secret Weapon This is where the rubber meets the road, and the dream meets reality. The Secret Weapon is a combination of two technical processes Evernote as an App (across all devices, phone, laptop) + Getting Things Done (GTD)…

HOWEVER, I tweaked it, and innovated this process, to include (RPM) Rapid Planning Method principles, and personally have now harnessed it for RPM OFFENSE, GTD DEFENSE, and SECRET WEAPON GAMETIME! This is how you become a FORCE OF NATURE.

This ain’t for the faint of heart. If you want a boring mediocre “Quiet life of desperation” I would not recommend using these tools together. But if you want to be the next world leader, Billionaire, or game changing innovator you MUST harness these tools together. In fact 99% of people do not go this far with their time management. They think there calendar is “ok”. I Get it… this is one big reason why most people remain in the 99%, and that’s not including the hundreds and thousands of books the 1% read that the 99% don’t read.

Now you see the level I’m coming from in my consulting and coaching. It’s a lifestyle choice. But even if you don’t want to take over the world. What if you were able to harness these principles to manage your family or small business. Do you think it would help? Of course. Success is a journey, not a destination. Mastering these tools is part of that journey. I offer coaching sessions to help individuals master these tools. I have 16 years experience, and will help you integrate these tools in your life. If you are interested in a sample coaching session, email me at

Until next time… Create Masterpieces!