10 Fatal Website Mistakes Which Cause Your Business To Lose Revenue

Some of the best sports coaches in the world preach about winning by avoiding mistakes and turnovers. Sometimes as human beings, if we can just avoid screwing up, we win. If your business was a sport, your website would be one of your fundamental moves. Think of your website like free throws, catching ground balls, and connecting passes. In sports if you mess up in all these fundamental areas, the other team will keep scoring off of your mistakes. In business, when you make such mistakes, instead of getting scored on, you just lose money…and of course your competition walks away with all of it. By avoiding these 10 mistakes, you will out do your competition, giving you an authority position in your niche.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Video or Audio

As a business, when you have a Web 1.0 “brochure” style website, it’s a clear sign to your customers and clients that you are not up to date. What does that communicate about how you see the needs of your clients and customers? It’s not that you do not care, but it communicates to them that you don’t care. Most prospective customers or clients are looking for useful info to guide them toward a buying decision. By providing a website that gives them a vivid and clear snapshot into the reality of your business and solutions to their problems, you become a favorite for them, if you do this as well as surpass their expectations, you become their first choice.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Mobile Friendly Version

80-90% of Web searches now are done with Mobile devices. We now have laptops, tablets, and smart phones. In addition to this, mobile apps and web applications have become the norm. Think of Uber, AirBnB, DreamTrips, Skype, Instagram, & Soundcloud. How many times a week do you access these apps? Probably a lot. People are accustomed to using their mobile devices to live in almost every practical function. You may not need a mobile app immediately. However, it is absolutely essential that you have a mobile friendly version of your website. When someone pulls up your website on their iphone or Android it should be a simple user interface customized to the size of their phone. When you do this it communicates to customers that you are ready for them to buy from you, whenever and wherever they are.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No messages selling for you

Today’s digital age is an age of distraction. You simply must engage your customers 24/7. If you do not make your features, benefits, and calls to action immediately  available by “cloning” your sales message in a video presentation, video persona, or sales video, you are not selling & closing when someone is browsing your website. If this is the case, when will you sell & close the customer on your solutions? After they click out of  your website  and never come back? Pretend like your website is your storefront. You want prospects to open the door come in and take a look around at what you have to offer. Then after they come in, you want to build trust, and show them exactly how what you have meets their wants and needs. You can do this in person if  you own a brick and mortar business.. But if you want to impact several thousands or more people, and scale your business growth, you have to have sales messages running 24/7 on your website.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Email capture

Every prospect who visits your website will not buy immediately. However, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to contact them again? The email capture is one of the greatest marketing tools ever designed in online marketing. For a very low cost, you can insert code in your website to offer some “cool stuff” to your customers (perhaps a special report, instructional videos, a list of strategies and tips, or tutorials etc) in exchange for their email address. This way if someone comes to your website then leaves you’ll be able to program automatic messages to send them. Your new business will double and triple when you are actually following up with prospects who were browsing your website. Remember they have very short attention spans with all the distractions. A new email from you, will remind them why they liked your product or service so much. In addition to this, you can send links, videos, blog posts, new product releases, and other material on your website directly to them so they are up to date with your offerings. This also sends them the message that you are the best resource for their wants and needs.


  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Benefits Expressed clearly

Many business owners love to list features and explain products & services. It takes a little more research and intuition to understand clear benefits to your customers or clients. However, it is essential that you uncover the most rewarding benefits to your customer or client for choosing your products and services. When you express benefits clearly and distinctly, your prospects are going to feel moved and motivated to buy. When you don’t express benefits, your prospects are going to use the logical side of their brain to keep analyzing, and this will lead to analysis by paralysis. This goes hand in hand with having a sales message directly on your website. When you include the right benefits and a call to action your sales will increase dramatically, and so will referrals, bringing you an exponential amount of new business.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No use of Headlines to Capture Interest

In today’s age we are bombarded with ads. The human eye can only pay attention to a few elements of text at one time. If you don’t use bold and memorable headlines to draw attention to your info, then your message will be lost in the sauce. Think of how many ads you see in one day. Once a person gets to your website, you need to highlight the most important value to them in bold headlines so they know exactly what they are getting. If they look further into the rest of the info, that’s great, but give them the essential points with strong headlines to get their attention and capture interest in a memorable way.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Testimonials

People like to do business with people they like and trust. One way to gain trust is to show that your product and service has provided results for others. More importantly, people connect with stories about products and services. The benefits are important, but even more so when stated in a unique story that your prospects can relate to. If your prospects see and hear these stories on your website, you’ve added much needed social proof that your business has a solid track record of producing results for others. There may be a variety of types of people and demographics that use your product or service, so you could really connect with your target audience with people from those demographics telling stories about your product or service on your website.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No User Friendly Design Elements

The days of just throwing up any website with random color schemes and disorganized links are over. We’ve advanced far too much for any reputable business to have design flaws on their website. Again, without a nice design, prospects will assume you don’t care about your work. In this day and age, they equate your website with your work. You may provide the greatest roofing, granite countertops, plumbing, electricity, or fencing, but if your website looks like an elementary student put it together, you are seriously destroying your chances of the essential first impression of a customer and word of mouth. Make sure you pick a design that is clean, simple, and purposeful. On the other hand, don’t make your website so fancy, that people can’t use it. Overly decorated websites, with animated flash, and complex graphic media can be a distraction and take away from your goals: ROI and Revenue.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Direct Calls To Action

Every now and then you probably have customers who look up your website online who are ready to buy from you right now. What happens if your website is not set up for them to reserve or buy immediately? Exactly. Nothing. You do not want all your hard work in other areas of prospecting to culminate in a lost sale by not having a mechanism in your site that is either pre-programmed to close deals, reserve registration, or alerts a customer service chat or you that a direct sale prospect Is hot in real time. The reason for this is because sometimes buying attitudes change or go cold after leaving a website. Sometimes people forget or get distracted. Sometimes other individuals convince them not to buy from you for some silly reason. Sometimes they are just scared to make a decision and your call to action is re-assurance. Regardless of the reasons, you must have calls to action on your website or you are losing a lot of sales.

  1. Big Mistake/Terrible Turnover – No Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes business owners don’t like to put up too much info on their website because they believe it will create curiosity for the prospect to call or visit. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you go out of your way to answer foundational questions about your product or service up front, you become a life saver. Imagine if a prospect is looking at 10 different companies in your niche, and yours is the only one who guides them through everything about your business up front. They will definitely choose you over the others. There are no questions about it. When you answer frequently asked questions, you also save yourself time and headaches. You reduce time you have to spend on the phone or answering emails. You reduce fatigue of your staff. You can also direct people back to the website if they are being lazy and not asking the obvious. Think ahead and plan ahead the most frequently asked questions in your business, and make sure they are highly visible on your website.

 Avoid These Mistakes …and Win!

By avoiding these 10 mistakes, you will outpace 99% of the competition, placing you in the top level of your niche. We all know fundamentally that we have to be excellent and even outstanding in business. Creating an outstanding website is just like any other aspect of your business, when you do it haphazardly you will lose business. When you do it properly you will gain a lot of business. Make sure you give yourself a winning edge!