*Note: Bayo reviews every application. We only work with serious business owners and only accept a limited amount of requests per month. 

We Audit Website Content

As a business owner, your time is your most important resource. Is your website performing like a professional automated sales person to ensure that while you are working on the business, new clients or customers are still coming in?

If not, then you are literally letting sales and revenue float away. We use an 80 Point Business Marketing Checklist and a 100 Point Advanced Website Quality Score Analysis to audit your website. If you’ve gotten a call, email, or message from us its because your website is missing critical factors that are costing you a significant loss of revenue.

We Build Sales Funnels

Websites have been changing since the first ones were created in 1991-1994. However, many business owners have been cutting costs with cheap, affordable, “brochure” websites from that era. Those were Web 1.0 Websites.

In the early 2000’s Websites advanced to allow Video, Audio, Commenting and Social share functions. Those were Web 2.0 Websites. Some business owners advanced to offer this content.

In 2014, another major significant shift occurred online, Websites evolved into intricate Customer Value Optimization “Funnels”. These are Web 3.0 Websites, which offer dynamic interaction, and decision chains, between you and targeted buyers, generating exponentially more sales. If you do not have a Sales funnel in 2018, you are missing a massive amount of sales online that could cause you to literally go out of business.

We Write Persuasive Call-To-Action Copy

For many years, advertisers have spent massive budgets for big brands to “shout” their message to the world, as a numbers game. In the new era of Digital Marketing, this is wasteful and ineffective. A generic message, to a general audience on your page simply won’t cut it any more.

It’s now time for you to customize your message, and wording in copy that speaks directly to the heart and mind of your ideal target client or customer. We apply the psychology, the formatting, the wording, and the strategies to help you use the correct language to meet the needs of your clients and customers.

We Write Key Message Platforms

Your communication about who you are and what you do and why you do it are essential. All great companies and leaders know that you must be able to define your core story.

Without a Key Message Platform you can lose direction and scope. And when you lose this targeted focus you can kiss the business goodbye too.

We help you craft congruent, and relevant messaging platforms that integrate your vision, mission, values, codes of conduct, ethical stances, rules of engagement, beliefs and your public perception.

We Write Case Studies

It is critical in today’s fast paced landscape to be able to highlight your successes and victories without being arrogant. One of the best ways to communicate how you solve problems and get results is through case studies.

A step beyond testimonials, case studies give you the power of social proof, and also the use of data to appeal to both logic and emotion for those considering what you are offering.

Compelling case studies are stories, processes, journey’s of discovery, and more, which empower your marketing and sales team with respect, and authority in your market.

We Write E-NewsLetters 

Despite all the new technologies emerging, E-Newsletters are an incredibly powerful tool to put you front and center as an Authority in your market.

Whatever products or services you provide could benefit from positioning you as pre-eminent in the eyes of your target audience. By giving your clients and customers  the “inside scoop” on all the latest that you are doing, you create a powerful relationship over time.

Trust and Reciprocity are generated through well planned and deliberately sequenced E-Newsletters. We help you to develop a powerful connection with your clients and customers by crafting and helping you deliver E-Newsletters.

We Help You Acquire Qualified Customers, & Clients

Most companies are able to get websites up and make them “Look” fairly decent. What separates the high growth companies is there domination of traffic (paid and organic) to highly converting websites. We help you to identify your primary sources of traffic and expand them.

There are as many ways to generate traffic to your website as there are unique industries and collections of individuals. Traffic need not be complicated. Traffic is about find where the people are who want what you have and delivering it to them consistently.

We Manage Facebook Ads, Social Media, & Email Marketing

In 2013, the number of active mobile phone Facebook users worldwide was 0.71 billion, and is expected to reach 1.34 billion in 2018.

Facebook has the most massive algorithm of users who are connected, based on interests, likes, demographic, data and other intricate details about their lives.

Facebook Ads allow you to bypass guess work and and to identify your target market and sell directly to them. We help you create highly effective targeted Facebook Ads, with the correct direct response copywriting, imaging, and offers. Don’t be left behind for lack of understanding of Facebook Ads.